Tools for Advocacy

Cycling Advocacy 101

Getting started in cycling advocacy can be a bit daunting: there is a lot to learn! This guide outlines the steps to an effective advocate for the consultation and development of equitable cycling infrastructure in Toronto and your neighbourhood.


Graphic image shwos bicycles in the background. Overlaid, text reads: Sport and Transport: Growing a Culture of Advocacy, October 30, 2020, 12:00-1:00 PM (ET), presented by véloColour. A row of headshots show the panelists: Christopher McGarrell, Jamie St

Sport and Transport: Growing a Culture of Advocacy

Does making riding a bike safer and easier for transport leads to more interest in sport--and vice versa?
Screenshot of a video recording of the panel discussion, "What is 'safe', and safe for whom?" featuring Melissa Dowrie of Bike Law

What is 'safe', and safe for whom?

A panel discussing road safety, and some of the intersections therein.
Cycle Toronto Advocacy Forum 2020

2021 Advocacy Forum

The 2021 Cycle Toronto Advocacy Forum had six recorded sessions on topics including 'Communicating your Message', 'How Bike Lanes Get Built', 'Cycling Advocacy and Equity', and more!

Building Bridges

A man stands holding an ice cream cone in front of the store Uncle Betty's

Engaging with Businesses

Building cycling infrastructure on main streets makes it easier for people to shop locally. Read more about other case studies and how Cycle Toronto is working with business improvement areas (BIAs) to encourage residents to #BuyLocalBikeLocal: because Bikes Mean Business!
Thumbnail of the cover of the report, Engaging School Communities in Cycling Infrastructure Projects, shows a child walking a bicycle. An icon of a school is shown to the left.

Engaging with School Communities

This guide, intended for families, educators, city staff, and cycling advocates, is a joint initiative between the Bike to School Project, CultureLink, Cycle Toronto, and the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank. It provides practical advice on how to get children and students involved and engaged in cycling infrastructure projects

Historic documents

#BuildtheGrid Advocacy Toolkit thumbnail

#BuildTheGrid Advocacy Toolkit

This is a guide for volunteer organizing during the 2018 municipal election campaign. The #BuildTheGrid Advocacy Toolkit includes background on Cycle Toronto's election campaign strategy, tools and tactics that volunteers can use to take action now, and tips for keeping up the pressure after the election. Use this kit to take action in your neighbourhood today, and help us highlight the need for safe cycling infrastructure across Toronto.
Thumbnail of the Propelling Change document

Propelling Change

In 2015, Cycle Toronto compiled a guide on effective ward advocacy. The guide, titled Propelling Change, outlines the basic function and structure of the Ward Advocacy Program. It serves as the key document to explain how Cycle Toronto and ward groups work together through trust and mutual benefit to achieve better cycling conditions across the city.