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Cycle Toronto is a member-supported charity that works to make Toronto a healthy, safe and vibrant cycling city for all. We are focused on advocacy, education and encouragement, as we work to shape policy and infrastructure, and build community to transform our city’s cycling culture. We engage a diversity of people in our work, pursuing evidence-based solutions that make cycling a viable option for all Torontonians.


We advocate for a safe, healthy and vibrant cycling city for all.


Toronto is an outstanding cycling city. It embraces cycling as an essential mode of transportation. It upholds the principles that streets are for people, and that no traffic fatalities are acceptable.


  • We believe in people. As an inclusive, grassroots, member-supported organization, we celebrate a diversity of people and perspectives, and the universal right to mobility.
  • We collaborate. We celebrate the notion that no organization is an island. We embrace the power of partnership, adopting a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
  • We are leaders. We are an authoritative source in the public conversation about cycling—a position we sustain by being trustworthy, credible, thoughtful and reliable. We develop and promote information and ideas that are honest, accurate and rooted in evidence.
  • We drive change. We shape policy by presenting sensible solutions that make cycling an issue for all. We reject divisiveness and partisanship, adopting a balanced, pragmatic approach with broad resonance. We hold the city, and other sources of power, to account.
  • We love bikes. We are driven by passion. We celebrate the joy of cycling and its power to bring communities together.
  • We transform our city. We help people improve communities; access democracy; and live healthy, connected lives. We are committed to sustainability; social justice; and the safety, dignity and wellness of all.


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Our Position Statements cover our official positions on the hot button transportation topics of our time.





Cycle Toronto's By-Laws were last updated on March 26, 2019 at our Annual General Meeting. Read the full by-laws here.


Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination Policy, updated March, 2021

Member Dispute Resolution Policy, updated November 21, 2018.