Educational Programs & Initiatives

We offer a wide variety of educational programs and initiatives to bring safe cycling to people from all walks of life.

Road Rules Videos

When it comes to getting around Toronto, knowing the rules is one thing - understanding the reality is another. We took some of the most ambiguous situations between road users and put them into easy to understand videos.

Street Smarts Workshops

Cycle Toronto's interactive Street Smarts workshops cover the benefits of commuting by bicycle, laws that govern cyclists and motorists, techniques for safe street riding, basic bike maintenance, route selections, and more.

Bike to School Project

The trip to and from school is an important part of the day for children and youth. We work with CultureLink's Bike to School Project to advocate for improved cycling infrastructure in and around schools and bike education among children and youth.

Get Lit!

We flag down unlit cyclists as they pass, educating them on the importance of bike lights and providing them with a free set for a safe ride home.
Toronto Cyclists Handbook

Toronto Cycling Handbook

Everything you need to know about cycling in the city all in one book. Available in 13 languages, including English.
Toronto Cycling Handbook Family Edition

Family Edition

Launched at Bike to School Week 2019, this new resource is designed to get you started riding with your family.

StreetSmartsTO is an initiative to help support Toronto’s growing community of people that cycle. Knowledge is a key aspect in being happy, healthy, and safe when you’re riding a bike, whether it’s on a trail or on the road. StreetSmartsTO is helping people by increasing their awareness of what’s expected of them and others, while giving them the skills they need to move forward on two (or three or four) wheels.

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