Move365 Connect

Campaigns for connecting Toronto with protected bike lanes

Move 365 Connect Scarborough. A low concrete wall protects a bike lane

Connect Scarborough

It’s time to bring cycling infrastructure to Scarborough that works for people of all ages and abilities. This means protected bike lanes on major roads that connect to homes, businesses, schools, and other bike lanes.
Move 365 Connect Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park. A bridge heads into an urban area

Connect Thorncliffe Park & Flemingdon Park

Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park need to be connected with protected bike lanes, not just to each other, but to the rest of the city.
Move 365 Connect Bloor. A person rides a bike with a childseat.

Connect Bloor

Bloor has led the way for bike lanes on major roads from Broadview to Runnymede. Bridging the gap from Runnymede with protected bike lanes west to existing bike lanes around Six Points in Etobicoke is the next step to make.
Move 365 Connect Danforth. People, including children ride bikes in a bike lane.

Connect Danforth

It’s time to get Scarborough connected with protected bike lanes. With support from local businesses, residents, and community groups, Scarborough can have streets where cycling is easy.
Move 365 Eglinton for Everyone. Rendering of street with bike lanes, trees, sidewalks, and driving lanes.

Eglinton for Everyone

Completing protected bike lanes now — by the time the LRT opens in 2022 — will allow for recovery to begin sooner and proceed faster while promoting healthy living.
Move 365 Connect Kingston. Wide road running past a school.

Connect Kingston

Kingston Road is a natural connection between East York, Scarborough, and the communities nearby. It's time to connect the businesses, schools, and jobs with protected bike lanes.
Rending of Sheppard Avenue with bike lanes. Text reads "Move 365 connect sheppard"

Connect Sheppard

Protected bike lanes on Sheppard Avenue would transform connectivity north of the 401. It would be the beginning of a network of protected, connected bike lanes on major roads in North York.
Move 365 Connect Yonge. Person rides a bike in a bike lane beside a patio

Connect Yonge

Let’s connect Steeles Avenue to Lake Ontario, not with just a road, but with a place that helps the communities it runs through thrive. Let's connect it with protected bike lanes.

Other Petitions

A graphic image shows people riding bicycles in a bike lane. The image is tinted pink and has a gradient fading to white. On top the the gradient, text reads: Keep ActiveTO. Below the text is an icon of a person moving using a wheelchair, a person walking

Keep ActiveTO

Let’s make sure all Major Road Openings continue, are expanded, and the ActiveTO bike lanes aren’t ripped out faster than they were installed: sign this petition in support of keeping, expanding, and improving ActiveTO.