Cycle Toronto has been advocating for cycling in Toronto since its inception in 2008. Its Bloor Loves Bikes, Danforth Loves Bikes, Yonge Loves Bikes, and Build the Grid campaigns paved the way for bike lanes and people riding bikes beginning to be accepted on major roads in Toronto. There's a lot more work ahead to ensure people of all ages and abilities are able to safely ride bikes in every area of Toronto.

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Sign the petitions to realize a vision of being able to ride bikes with your entire family, on major roads, across Toronto without any fear. With protected bike lanes it would be a fun, easy, and healthy experience getting to school, the grocery store, or your favourite dinner spot.
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Safe and Active Streets for All

The 2022 Toronto Municipal election is fast approaching. We need leadership that prioritizes the health, safety and connectivity of all road users. We need a city that meets its climate action targets.

Position Statements

Cycle Toronto publishes position statements on major topics, including: sharrows, bicycle licensing, active and e-mobility, shared space, and more.
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Vulnerable Road User Laws

We believe Vulnerable Road User laws should be studied and implemented by the Province. Vulnerable Road Users such as pedestrians and cyclists tend to bear the greatest burden of injury on our roads.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for supporting, planning, developing strategy for, and assisting in the advocacy of Cycle Toronto campaigns. They are not responsible for delivery of Cycle Toronto programs but provide strategic input on the Ward Advocacy Program.  They seek input from Working Group Chairs. Committee co-chairs report to the Cycle Toronto Board of Directors.  

They write position statements, develop submissions for City and Province-led consultations, attend meetings and collaborate on hot button issues related to cycling in Toronto.

We recruit new members in the Fall for two-year terms. 

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Other advocacy organizations

Friends and Families for Safe Streets

FFSS is working to end traffic violence in Toronto by changing laws, enforcement, street design, public attitudes and traffic culture to make our vibrant streets safer and more equitable for all road users, while supporting those who are survivors. Our members are survivors of traffic collisions and friends and families whose loved ones have been killed or severely injured by careless drivers and dangerous conditions on Toronto's streets.